On this page you can find infos about Premium and purchase it.

The Premium option is there to help us support the cost of the dedicated server, in return you bless things that a normal player can not have. You can only buy the Premium once per account, there will be more options available in the future. More things will happen in the future for Premium members. Connect on Discord to stay aware about upcoming changes.


More Cash

Once you are premium you will directly receive + 20,000,000 $ and also + 5,000 SB in the first persona you own.

Free Cars

With the premium you will be able to claim 3 free cars per week. And you garage slots will also rise up to 1000 car slots.

Special Perks

The premium option allow you to apply things that regular players cannot, as Fireworks, Cop lights, TH revealer...

Profile Customizer

When you own the Premium you can easily change your nickname and avatar without any limitation on our player panel.

More Powerups

Directly after your purchase has been accepted your first persona will receive +750 amount of each type of powerup.

Special Role

Correctly write your Discord account info on the forms, you'll receive the Premium role that give acces to channels.

The price is 5€, lifetime.


If your nick is customized, copy/paste it from discord.