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Started in May 2018, NightRiderz is here to provide a server faithful to original servers of EA with more functionalities and without Speedboost. Our main goal is to offer to players the best gameplay possible, so we do everything we can for you, we are a team that want to offer the best !

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Our community is always creating liveries on their favourite cars, we even organize some events to see who's the best designer of cars, there is some of their work below.

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A private server of the game "Need for speed World" on PC. Very well done, a small community for now, but that requires growing up, admin thoroughly on the server, optimizing it at best, for a better gaming experience for us. The admin are also very attentive to what they are told, and very close to their community.

Bunny Fran-Viera#4415

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A Server, on wich we have control about modders, and cheaters. Where we all can have a fair gaming experience and on wich we are able to rebuild the thrust wich you lost in EA. We have our love on this game, and so we wanna place it on this Server also. We just dont wanna have a Server were you can play on. No we wanna have more. Maybe even more as we had in NFSW online days.

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